Adwords Account Setup Guide

Adwords Account Setup Guide

Account Set up Basics

Let’s begin with the Google account. In order to sign up to advertise on Google AdWords platform you will need to create a Google Account.  If you already have a Google account (Gmail) created move on to the next step.



Then simply head over to url & sign in.  Once signed in you will be directed to the Adwords account welcome screen.

The Adwords interface provides key items to consider before launching your first campaign.

  1. About Your Business
  2. Your First Campaign
  3. Payment


  • About Your Business

Please enter your email address and the website URL



Click Continue button


  • Your First Campaign



Enter a daily budget for your campaign –(This can be changed in the future so add a default value)


Add few keywords to the campaign


Create your first AD


Click on Save and Continue button


  • Payment

Please note that the currency and the time zone cannot be changed once you set.

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